Four Autumn Reads: 2013

The App Generation

How Today’s Youth Navigate Identity, Intimacy, and Imagination in a Digital World By Howard Gardner and Katie Davis • Yale University Press

“There’s an app for that.” It’s cliché now but, as the cliché goes, all clichés are true. Apps are ubiquitous. You bank on your phone, nd out where you are, search for where you want to be. In The App Gener- ation, two professors assess how a world navigated by apps a ects adolescent development. The conclusion is yin-yangy: bad, but maybe good. The level of inquiry, though, elevates the discussion beyond knee-jerk complaints about “those #@#!! kids who are on their phones all day.”

Tai Chi

The Perfect Exercise By Arthur Rosenfeld • Da Capo Lifelong Books

“If sitting at a desk is the new smoking,” says Arthur Rosenfeld, “then tai chi is the new yoga.” A master of the martial art, Rosenfeld introduces both the practice and philosophy of tai chi and makes a con- vincing case for it as a form of exercise for any age. As scienti c evidence reveals the practice’s e ectiveness in lowering blood pressure, increasing immune response, and strengthening the body’s core, Rosen- feld emphasizes other bene…

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