Five Ways to Practice Mindfulness When You’re Busy

We don't always have time for a formal meditation practice. Here's how you can practice mindfulness, even on your busiest days.

 bluraz/Adobe Stock

There are days when life just doesn’t make it easy to stop and take time for a longer period of meditation. But why let that stop you from injecting mindfulness into your life in small does throughout the day? Being mindful throughout the day isn’t about doing everything as if you were handling a delicate porcelain vase. It’s more about taking short breaks from the momentum of persistent thoughts that can lead to needless stress.

Here are five suggestions for quick doses of refreshing mini-breaks spread across your day:

1. Start your day with a pause

When you go to wash up in the morning, as you look in the mirror, use it as a chance to take three conscious breaths before you start your mental engines. Then, as you brush your teeth, go slow and pay attention, using the sensation to bring your attention back to the moment, despite the pull to start revving up your thoughts about the day ahead.

2. Savor your morning coffee

When you’re drinking your favorite morning beverage, you’ll taste it more and enjoy it better if you sip it, occasionally taking pauses to experience the full sensation of what your…