Celebrating Mindfulness Day: A Q&A With Leading Meditation Teachers

Mindfulness teachers Vidyamala Burch, Brother Ngộ "Freedom" Không, Shauna Shapiro, and Shamash Alidina answer questions about how mindfulness can support well-being.

Adobe Stock/ nateejindakum
Meet the Teachers What Does Mindfulness Mean to You? What Are Your Daily Practices? How Do You Relieve Stress and Anxiety? Mindfulness for Societal Challenges Final Thoughts on Mindfulness for Well-being Celebrate With Us!

Happy Mindfulness Day! 

Over the last decade, the 12th of September has emerged as a day to highlight and explore all things mindfulness. So, I’ve teamed up with Mindful.org and Mindfulness.com to celebrate all things mindfulness.

This year we’ve picked the theme of Mindfulness for Well-being. What does “well-being” really mean in the context of mindfulness? How can this ancient practice adapt and evolve to address the multifaceted challenges we face in today’s society? This Mindfulness Day, we take a moment to pause, reflect, and dive deep into the profound world of mindfulness and its transformative impact on our well-being. 

We’re not alone on this journey; we’ve enlisted the wisdom and expertise of three figures in the field of mindfulness. Each brings their own unique background, perspectives, and practical advice to this invaluable conversation. As a mindfulness teacher, I share my thoughts on the themes…