Can Mindfulness Out-Trump Hyper-Divisive Politics?

A series of town hall meetings puts a mindful lens on the issues of the day.

If the popularity of Donald Trump tells us one thing, it’s that the American people are calling out for change, drastic change. And as the national conversation about the direction of the country heats up over the coming months, and the political machines do everything they can to divide everyone into camps, it will take great effort to stay focused on our collective future and make decisions that unite us today while considering future generations.

To that end, the mindful living community organizers at Wanderlust have been hosting a series of “conscious town hall meetings.” These events provide a forum for discussing how we can create mindful policies for America.

“America is facing a number of challenges today, economically, diplomatically and militarily,”says Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan. “We are in uncharted waters. And in order to best address these issues we have to be able to see them clearly, as an interconnected whole. Mindfulness can help all of us, public officials and citizens alike, to keep focused on the fundamental changes that are needed in our country right now,” says Ryan.

“What is a mindful food policy? What is a mindful approach to health care? To women’s rights? To gay rights? To prison policy?”

Ryan was one of the speakers at the first Mindful America town hall meeting, that happened this past January in Hollywood. The goal of these meetings is to provide a mindful lens for some of the most salient issues of our time. “We want to see mindfulness in the world around us,” says Jeff Krasno, co-founder of Wanderlust. “So we need to ask the questions: “What is a mindful food policy? What is a mindful approach to health care? To women’s rights? To gay rights? To prison policy?”

Mike De La Rocha, who advises elected officials on criminal justice issues, says, “I’m excited to participate in these town hall meetings to explore how the intersections between social movements and mindfulness can amplify a global movement for the inherent dignity of all people.”

Another speaker at the inaugural event, artist and activist Prince EA adds, “Mindfulness is the single most important tool to peace and lasting happiness. It is the ground from which every policy should sprout from. Mindfulness puts you in control of your life so that you can act out of love and compassion and not fear and anger.” Here’s a video from Prince EA inviting us to always consider our interconnectedness:

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