Burnout Podcast

While burnout is never solely your responsibility to fix, mindfulness can help us navigate the individual and systemic solutions. We're launching a new podcast called Burnout to address the crisis and provide resources to safeguard your well-being so you can show up with skill.

Burnout Podcast

A four-part podcast series exploring the growing crisis of systematic burnout and mental health.

Following a global pandemic and the “Great Resignation,” among healthcare workers and those adjusting to working from home, corporate leaders and gig workers, burnout is on the rise. Mindful is teaming up with Lemonada Media to present a new podcast series that examines the impacts of burnout on our professional and personal lives. Burnout looks into how society reached this burning point and what we can do—really, actually do—to break the cycle. We explore the story of burnout, how it affects your body and mind, and why the easy solutions simply won’t work to solve a systemic problem.

Hosted by Connor Franta, this hopeful, clarifying, and solutions-oriented series will help us all develop a deeper understanding of what it means to be living with burnout and offer a roadmap and online community for a different (productive, but joyful) path ahead.

Listen to Burnout Podcast Episodes: Episode 1: We Can’t Live Like This Anymore

Burnout. It’s all over the news, it’s all over your social feeds. You’re probably living some version of…

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