Build Resilience by Staying in the Moment

Jenée Johnson leads a practice to foster returning to ourselves whenever our mind wanders.

I’m the founder of the Right Within Experience where we herald and celebrate the power of reclamation, the spirit of Sankofa, an Adinkra symbol, and Akan word from Ghana that essentially means go back and get it. Our time together is to support you in reclaiming the disparate pieces of yourself, calling yourself back to yourself, so that you can have the life of clarity, calm and well-being that you desire. Today we will work with the concept of staying on the spot.

Minding the Business That Belongs to You

I want you to stay with yourself in the meditation experience so that you can more consistently do so in daily life. Returning to yourself whenever you notice that your mind is wandering is training your attention to come home to yourself. In our world there are so many temptations to leave ourselves and what is really important to our well-being. We end up getting distracted and sucked into another world. Staying on the spot is a lot like minding the business that belongs to you, tending your own garden, and making the soup that tastes really good to you. We will use our meditation practice to cultivate being with ourselves…


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About the author

Jenée Johnson

Jenée Johnson is the Program Innovation Leader: Mindfulness, Trauma, and Racial Equity at the San Francisco Department of Public Health.