5 Ways to Develop Kindness and Generosity

By noting some simple everyday cues we can strengthen the muscle of kindness and generosity.

1. Pause at the stop sign

Every time you come to a stop sign or a red light, take a full breath, notice how you are feeling and then wish yourself or another well. “May I be happy and safe. May I live with ease.” Continue saying the words or phrases internally until you are ready to move on or the light changes. When you come to the next stop sign or red light, repeat the practice. With sufficient repetition the stop sign and the red light become cues for cultivating kindness and help establish a habit of kindness.

2. Engage the grocery clerk

When you shop at a grocery store, stand in line for a movie ticket, or get a tank of gas at a full-service station, engage with other people. Internally, extend wishes of goodwill to them. Listen when they talk and gently smile. Such small gestures make people feel more open and kind. By engaging with them, you engage with your best self.

3. Extend to your fellow travelers

If you use the bus, train, or airplane on a regular basis, let the act of taking your seat be a cue to practice kindness or compassion…