Who Wants to Go to Mars? People Who Meditate

The shortlist for the one-way trip to Mars includes people who listed meditation as an interest. Do you meditate? Do you want to explore space?

Does a one-way ticket to a foreign planet sound like a good way to spend the rest of your life? At least 202,586 people thought about it.

That’s the number of people who applied to Mars One, a private non-profit company that plans to set up a human colony on Mars by 2025.

Last month, Mars One narrowed the pool to 100 candidates. We found a few people who listed meditation as one of their interests.

Elena is one of them. She’s a doctor with two kids, living in the UK.

“I’m attracted to the unknown. I want to know as much as possible what is out there,” she says in a video on her Mars One profile.

Etsuko a Japanese chef, lists walking meditation as one of her interests.

She ends her video with: “I hope to see you at my sushi bar on Mars.”

Andrew Tunks, a 28-year-old from the US, told Vice that he thinks his meditation practice would be a valuable asset in the Mars mission. “I meditate quite a lot and think I’m very peaceful,” he said.

Do you meditate? Do you think meditation would be an asset to the first batch of humans stationed on Mars?

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