What You Can Learn from Polyamory 

A 20-year study of consensually non-monogamous adults reveals seven lessons for anyone who wants to be more mindful in their relationships. Read More 

  • Elisabeth Sheff
  • February 14, 2017

Getting Beyond The Grudge 

We all know how to hold a grudge, but few of us know why we hang on to past hurts—or how to let them go. Read More 

  • Elaine Smookler
  • December 21, 2016

The Freedom of Letting Go 

Sometimes the only thing keeping us in a bad relationship is our unwillingness to let it go. Read More 

  • Elaine Smookler
  • November 14, 2016

How Setbacks Can Breed Resilience 

On Relationships, Episode One: Exploring the relationship between mindfulness and happiness, accepting a certain amount of emotional "roughage" in our diet may be the key to thriving. Read More 

  • Stephany Tlalka
  • August 26, 2016
Daily Practices

Let Go of Being the Ideal Role Model 

Our thoughts and images of what an ideal parent or lover or leader should be can get in the way of just being the best we can be in any given moment. Read More 

  • Mark Bertin
  • July 21, 2016

Can We Talk? 

Three mindfulness practices that encourage generous conversations. Read More 

  • Lili Powell
  • July 1, 2016
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