Three Meditations to Foster Deep Gratitude

Open yourself up to the benefits of gratitude with these guided meditations.

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A Loving-Kindness Practice to Foster Acceptance

  • 3:09

Open the heart. If you want to appreciate the life that you already have, it’s helpful to stop yearning for things to be “different” or “better” than they are right now. By practicing loving-kindness, you can connect to a place within yourself that fosters love and compassion and allow that place to flourish. Follow this three-minute practice to open up your heart to all the good in your life.

A Guided Meditation for Resting in the Flow

  • 19:34

Appreciate the moment. When your thoughts become focused on what could be, you lose contact with what actually is. This guided meditation helps you notice your experience as it happens, so you can notice what’s going right, instead of worrying about what might go wrong. Rather than falling into harmful thought patterns, you can embrace challenges that come your way. Doing this strengthens your sense of gratitude for the present moment.

Gratitude Practice: Savor The Moment

  • 5:00

Savor the good. On days when gratitude feels difficult to find, tune into your senses. This meditation invites you to cultivate thankfulness by slowing down and noticing what you can see, hear, touch, smell, and taste. There doesn’t have to be anything special going on in order to practice gratitude—maybe it’s as simple as feeling grateful for your morning coffee, or for a good book. Explore this simple practice to appreciate the little things.