The Mindful Survey: Sleep

From Julia Child to killer toasters, we all have strange moments in our sleep. Dig deep into our readers’ subconscious as they share their nighttime rituals.

Yong Hian Lim/Dollar Photo Club
What method do you use to fall asleep?

42% rely on a body scan, 41% meditate right before bed, 24% drink a cup of chamomile tea, 14% rely on powerful sedatives, another 12% choose a nightcap. Only 6% count sheep—too baaaad.

Do you have a nightly routine?

42% don’t follow any routine, 39% follow theirs to a T, 15% lie awake in bed wondering why they’re not sleeping yet, and 4% turn off all screens by 8:00 (so disciplined!).

What’s your ideal sleeping situation?

64% chose a king-size bed in a luxury hotel, 20% chose the soft sand on the beach, a warm breeze rocking them to sleep (warning: grit in bad places), 10% could sleep on a bed of rocks if they had to, and 6% were adventurous, choosing a tent in the wilderness.

Some answers we liked: Gentle rain Somewhere snuggly My recliner I actually DO sleep in a tent in the wilderness every night At home with my dogs Cool nights and no worries What’s your favorite synonym for sleep? Coma Glorious repose Feeling human Dead to the world Pass the f*ck out Peace Pee time! Dreamboat on…