Swiss Chard: Bright and Beautiful

Béatrice Peltre offers a recipes featuring hearty Swiss chard.

To describe Swiss chard as a “green” just isn’t right; this leafy vegetable comes in a magnificent spectrum of summer colors, from popsicle pink and creamsicle orange to lemon yellow and cherry red.

Chard is a unique vegetable, its wide, watery stems resembling bok choy in taste and texture, while its leaves recall the taste and texture of spinach and beet greens (which belong to the same subspecies as chard).

Some people don’t like chard, but often that’s because they’ve never cooked it the right way: paired with tangy ingredients and other strong flavors and textures to balance out chard’s distinct, earthy taste. In the recipes I’ve provided, citrus, yogurt, garlic, and fresh herbs add brightness and zing.

When it’s in season, I get a lot of chard in my weekly farm share box,so the sautéed chard dish with citrus and pine nuts has become a weeknight staple for me and my family. When I have colorful varieties of chard, I keep younger stems and add them both for texture and for the unique beauty they provide. And I never have to tell my daughter to “eat her greens” with this dish—perhaps because it’s so pretty.

My take on tzatziki…

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