7 Ways to Navigate Emotional Turbulence

We can't prevent our moods from changing. We can, however, learn how to find stable ground to notice and shift our moods more consciously.

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No matter how hard we try, we can’t prevent our moods from changing. Fluctuating emotions are a part of being human. While it may be difficult to understand what causes mood shifts, we can choose to meet them with openness and awareness. In this video from The School of Life, philosopher Alain de Botton explains seven ways to ride the constant change of your moods.

How to Navigate Emotional Turbulence 1. Accept your vulnerability

Acknowledge how vulnerable you and your moods are to seemingly small things, like snide remarks or lousy weather. Sensitivity is no cause for shame. Even though your skin may not be as thick as you would like it to be, you shouldn’t feel less than because of your emotions.

2. Edit your social life

Friends that impact your well-being can definitely affect your moods. It’s important to accept that you may have some relationships that are more difficult than others. Consider distancing yourself from social situations that cause you stress right now.

3. Cultivate relationships that encourage vulnerability

Often the best cure for a bad mood is surrounding yourself with…