Remembering 9/11

There is no better reminder that we need to move toward a more mindful society together. Read on to see a selection of Mindful stories with this in mind.

"Reflecting Absence," 9/11 memorial

VIDEO: Two Moms: Phyllis Rodriguez’ son was killed in the World Trade Center attacks; Aicha el-Wafi’s son was convicted of having a role in those attacks. See how these two mothers came together in their shared loss to spread a powerful message of compassion.

Healing a Wound of Great Magnitude: Grief counselor Meg Spinella writes how, though we grieve deeply when faced with senseless and sudden loss, we don’t have to feel powerless.

6 Mindful Strategies for Recovering from Loss: Ronald Alexander, Ph.D. shares the story of a young couple’s journey to healing after the loss of their two children, and offers six strategies for us to use when confronted with the tragedy of loss.

The Place Beyond Fear and Hope: In difficult times it takes effort to stay grounded in the present, but it is only there, says Margaret Wheatley, that we will find a place unclouded by hope and fear.

There is no path to peace. The path is peace.: Thich Nhat Hahn on changing society’s foundation of violence.

Reflections from New York, September 18th, 2001: Stan Goldberg, Ph.D, shares his experience of being in New York with his daughter just a week after 9/11.