October 2013 Issue

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October Issue of Mindful magazine Stop, Look…See
Photography isn’t just about capturing images. Andy Karr suggests three ways to explore the experience of looking itself, and even expand how you see the world

 To Pause and Protect
In a groundbreaking program, Oregon police officers are learning mindfulness techniques to better deal with stress, be more focused on the job, and connect more meaningfully with the people in the communities they serve. Maureen O’Hagan reports

A Journey to the Center of Yourself
Depression is not a disease, says James Gordon, M.D. He talks to Tracy Picha about the importance of seeing depression not as an end point but as a fresh opportunity for growth and change

Sidebar: James Gordon’s seven stages for the journey through depression

 The Best Medicine
Even if we hurt—maybe especially if we hurt, says Elaine Smookler—it helps to laugh

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Designing buildings with humans in mind • The final frontier: NASA meditates • Overwhelmed by choice? How to navigate it better • Parents learn how to keep kids’ sports fun • A nine-year-old dreams of helping kids halfway around the world and gets down to workHospitals explore new ways to heal • Third-largest health insurance provider in the U.S. introduces meditation program • Research Roundup

Bookmark This
The writings, recordings, and apps that are capturing our attention now

Our take on who’s paying attention and who’s not

One Taste
In the Red
Angela Mears celebrates the beet
Recipes by Béatrice Peltre

Wave Theory
Sam Buffa knows the best spot to gain perspective on life in the city: on his surfboard

Rewiring Your Emotions
Think you’re destined to respond the same way emotionally to the same old triggers? Not necessarily so, says Sharon Begley. With a little mind training, you can chart new pathways

 In Practice
Looking for a respite from distraction? It’s as close as a cup of tea

At Work
Upgrade Your Environment
A fresh approach to increasing employee engagement, and how to stop searching for a mindful work environment and start creating one

Ask Ms. Mindful
Breaking relationship patterns, navigating a life-changing event, and shifting out of the role of unofficial therapist

Cooling the Raging Fires
Anger can be our undoing sometimes, says Jeffrey Brantley, M.D., but it doesn’t have to be that way

Maira Kalman can’t stop talking about her upcoming silent retreat

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