Nature-Based Mindfulness Practices for Families

Connect with nature no matter where you find yourself using simple practices from the SoBe Mindful method, created by mindfulness teacher and author Scott Rogers.

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As more people come to explore mindfulness, more and more people are also looking for ways to share mindfulness with their family—hoping it may reinforce their relationships, while bringing a little serenity, clarity, and peace into the lives of those closest to them. The joy of practicing with a child. The poignancy of meditating with a parent. The healing power of practicing together. And while it isn’t always fruitful—even with the best of intentions—to tell someone else why they should practice mindfulness, inviting someone to practice with you is different.   

One approach that serves us well in this context is the SoBe Mindful method. It makes mindfulness highly accessible by drawing upon familiar aspects of the natural world around us. Just as this method lets us ground ourselves by connecting with nature—especially amid a pandemic, when so many of us have been staying indoors—it opens a doorway to practicing with loved ones and is adaptable for all ages and needs.   

The Elements of Mindfulness

The SoBe Mindful method draws upon the elements of nature to help us connect with ourselves and our shared humanity. Four of these elements…