Mindfulness and student nurses

Next month, the University of Stirling in Scotland will begin a four-week mindfulness training program for trainee nurses. The university wants to study the effectiveness of training student nurses in mindfulness-based practices to reduce stress levels. 

The study begins next month, and student nurses will receive guided meditation sessions and keep a journal of their experience. The students will be put through an initial stress test before they begin mindfulness training. They undergo another stress test afterwards to see if mindfulness training has effected their ability to cope with stress. 

Other universities are beginning to study the effects of mindfulness on stress levels and productivity. The Information School at the University of Washington just completed a study with human resource managers to see how mindfulness practices affected their ability to maintain focus and multitask. 

To read more about the student nurse study, click here. 


[photo © flickr.com/jdlasica]