The Mindful Survey: Technically Speaking

Answers from our reader survey on life and technology

Illustration courtesy of Vecteezy
Of the following, which personal tech devices do you use on a daily basis: MP3 Player 4%Desktop Computer 37%Tablet 38%Laptop Computer 50%TV 51%Smartphone 91% Of the following, what do you most often use a smartphone for: Gaming 1%Other 7%Phone calls 12%Social media 18%Browsing the internet 19%Texting 44% What role does technology play in your life?

30% Say it’s crucial, while 26% say technology is a “necessary evil.” Another 21% admit it’s an impressive feat of human intelligence, 11% could take or leave it, 8% think it’s responsible for making us all more stupid, and 4% consider it a huge burden.

Have you ever experienced tech withdrawal? What is your favorite thing about personal technology? “Education.”“Information at my fingertips.”“Ability to keep in touch with family and friends overseas.”“Google Maps.”“Reading good books and long articles.”“Distraction.”“Podcasts.”“It helps my creativity—I make music and art on it.”“Turning it off.”“Solves problems.”“Saving time.”“Social media.”“The ease of getting things done.”“Constant availability.”“The ability to send a thought now.” Do you consider yourself to be: A tech native 10%Pretty competent with technology 72%Befuddled by all these gadgets! 15%Rather averse to technology 3% When you have a question about a personal technology device, what do you do? 51% Scour the web…

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