The Mindful Survey: Foot In Your Mouth?

Answers from our reader survey on embarrassment.

fraulein_freya/Adobe Stock
How does embarrassment manifest in your body? What’s something other people find embarrassing that you don’t? “Garlic breath.”“Talking about bodily functions.”“Food in my teeth—it happens sometimes!”“Doing what I feel like all the time.”“Perfect matching outfit.”“Public release of gas.”“Talking about sex.”“Clumsiness.”“My grandson hates when I hug him in public.”“Asking questions. Not knowing something.”“Having a messy house.”“Taking clothes off for sex.”“Sending food back.”“Getting a compliment.”“Tripping in front of others.”“Using the wrong word.”“Pooping in public washrooms.”“Forgetting someone’s name.” What are you most often embarrassed by?

42% of respondents said they are most often embarrassed by being put on the spot—so why do so many of us do it to others so much of the time? Next up, at 33%, is saying the wrong thing. Physical fumbles or clumsiness gets 10% of people, while 7% of people are most embarrassed by showing emotion, 5% are embarrassed by someone else around them being ridiculous, and for 3% are embarrassed by public displays of affection.

Is it more embarrassing to show up too early or too late? Who in your life has the greatest power to embarrass you?

27% are most easily embarrassed by complete strangers, followed by coworkers at 24%, romantic partners at 22%, and siblings…

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