Mindful Readers Share the Importance of Gratitude

Find out how letting gratitude infuse our lives can uplift us and those around us.

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How do you express gratitude toward those you love? 

“Making them coffee in the morning.”

“Hugs. Lots of hugs!” 

“By being fully present, giving them my full attention when together, and listening deeply.” 

“Sending homemade cards.”

“I say thank you to them. I help them when they need help.”

Katie, a nurse in Petoskey, MI, used meditation and creativity to cope during the pandemic. This collage includes text from past Mindful issues.

If you could tell one person you appreciate them, who would it be, and why?

According to his mother, Lucas (age 2) loves to look through Mindful as his bedtime story.

“My two childhood friends, because they are always there.”

“My little sister and mom. I’m never able to tell them how much they help and support me because of my anxiety.” 

“My dad, whose wisdom and teachings are helping me live my best life every day. Grateful!”  @psysquare 

“My mother, because she worked so hard to raise us alone.”

“My husband. He is so selfless and does everything to make me feel happy.”

“My daughter. She is my world.” 

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