“Just Like Me” Compassion Practice

This guided visualization practice invites us to look at how we are similar in important ways. This practice can be done alone or with a partner.

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This is a practice for increasing compassion. It helps us to remember what we share as human beings. It’s not a replacement for methods of coming to appreciate our differences, yet those are incredibly important too.

 It helps us to remember what we share as human beings. 

This practice compliments those, by helping us to know how we are the same. You can do the practice by bringing to mind a friend, a colleague, someone who is neutral, or someone who is difficult. You can also do this practice with a live partner while you are sitting across from each other or looking at each other, and repeating the phrases silently. You can use these phrases or others that seem more appropriate to you.

A Practice for Appreciating Others   “Just Like Me” Practice 7:02

Begin by being aware that there is a person in front of you, either in your mind or actually sitting across from you. A fellow human being just like you. Silently repeat the following phrases while looking at your partner.

This person has a body and a mind, just like me. 

This person has feelings, thoughts, and emotions, just like me. 

This person has during…

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