How to STOP, Breathe, Listen and Connect During the COVID Outbreak

We can support each during this health crisis by connecting with our essential goodness and compassion.

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I’m writing to you from home. And while I don’t have an Italian balcony to sing to you from, I wanted to reach out to say, I see you and I love you.

We’re all feeling anxious right now, which is a natural (and logical) response to these crazy days. But what you and I know, and what our mindfulness practice helps support, is that it’s our essential goodness, kindness, and compassion that will carry us through.

We’re all connected on a level that we can only barely comprehend.

This virus has uncovered for the world something we in the mindfulness community already know: that we’re all connected on a level that we can only barely comprehend. So, with that in mind, I offer you a few simple ways you can support yourself, your community and the world.

Three Ways to Stop, Breathe, Listen, and Connect

Come back to your breath. Every time you learn a new fact about this virus, stop, take a deep, calming breath, and notice what is happening in your body. Where are you storing this new information? Breathe deep and release any tension you’re holding. Here’s a simple practice for letting go.

Find ways to connect. Social distancing is the compassionate response to the challenge before us, but physical isolation doesn’t mean disconnection. Write letters to your friends, hold video chat parties, call your neighbors, send love notes to retirement homes and hospitals. If you’re feeling isolated, try this connection meditation to recharge.

Offer loving-kindness to the world. Whether you’re someone who hasn’t yet connected with this specific mindfulness practice, you’ve tried it and it felt a little odd, or you’re someone who relies on this practice for connection and nourishment—now is the time to offer our deep love to the world. Here’s how you can create a loving-kindness practice that feels right to you.

May we all be healthy, may we all be safe, may we all live with ease and well-being.

Sending love,
Executive Editor, Mindful

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