How Do Your Principles Shape Your Life?

Your personal set of values, however you choose to express them, shines through your words, actions, and how you are in the world. What values give your life its own purpose and authenticity?

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What personal values have changed for you over time?

The biggest thing for me is compassion. Having compassion for myself is very challenging for me. I find it easier to be compassionate to my patients, my staff, my loved ones than I do, deep down, to myself. 

But it’s a huge personal value for me, because I was my own worst critic. I was trying to do so much in achieving and succeeding by all these criteria I had. It was really when I started to see myself in a far kinder, more compassionate light, that I would just say to myself, like, Are you just trying your best? Just ease up. – Dr. Sally Safa

What drives you to honor your values when it’s difficult to do so?


“Being true to myself and having self-compassion.” 

“Knowing that everyone is fighting their own battles.”

“I want people to be honest, so I need to be honest myself.”

“I owe it to my family to be my best, because they rely on me.”

“Remembering the web of connection: What we do to one person affects others.”

“My hope and belief that if I follow through with those values, I can help make the world just a little bit better.” 

What values do you live by every day?

“Helping and uplifting others, and gratitude, joy, and love.”

Stanhope, NJ

“Fairness, kindness, and integrity, which I express through loving-kindness meditation: May I be kind to myself and others; May I show fairness in my behavior and decisions; And may I demonstrate integrity in my actions.”

Rockaway, NJ

“Honesty, willingness to keep communication open in both my personal and professional life, love for nature and animals, and really appreciating the time I have.”

Chicago, IL

“Kindness. I act by giving whatever I can to whomever needs it. The reciprocity of a smile or simply the act itself is worth more to me than what I have given, every time. We are both rewarded.”

Bear Dance, MT

Has mindfulness helped you succeed at sticking to your principles?

93% say yes, they feel it has helped.

7% say they don’t think so.

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