Can Mindfulness Help You Enjoy Work More?

How an app-based intervention at work helps employees, a program that may reduce postpartum depression, and more from the latest mindfulness research.

Adobe Stock/(JLco) Julia Amaral
Mindfulness and Improved Job Satisfaction

An international team of scientists examined weekly data from 221 executives to see if they might benefit from an app-based, workplace mindfulness intervention. The eight-week program included audio-guided individual mindfulness practices and activities such as attending to bodily sensations, breathing, stretching and relaxation exercises, and instruction on mindfulness for workplace challenges. At each week’s end, participants were surveyed on their job satisfaction, work engagement, emotional exhaustion, and mindfulness. Over the course of the program, participants’ self-reported mindfulness increased—and in turn, the boost in mindfulness was generally related to improved work engagement and job satisfaction, and less emotional exhaustion. Additional studies using a control group are needed to better understand these effects.

Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Prenatal Instruction

In a pilot study, researchers at the University of Illinois tested whether a mindfulness-based childbirth preparation program would ease new parent distress better than typical prenatal instruction. They randomly assigned 30 expectant mothers in their third trimester to either two-and-a-half days of a mindfulness program or standard childbirth education. The mindfulness group was taught strategies for coping with