Busy? Here’s a Short Illustrated Guide to Meditation

A simple guided meditation that can help bring some mindfulness into your day.

Whether you’re at the office, on the subway, or at your house, this simple, illustrated guide to meditation is great. The instruction takes you through mindful breathing, noticing feelings and sensations in the moment, and not punishing yourself when your thoughts wander.

As you scroll through the instruction, you can see that it is spaced out to allow you to take in the instruction, just as a meditation teacher would have pauses in their instruction. The short and sweet instructions are paired with simple illustrations that give you a clear idea of what to do. This guided meditation is a simple way to bring mindfulness into your day, whether you do it for 30 minutes or 3 minutes.

Following the breath is where mindfulness begins, says mindfulness teacher Ed Halliwell, and that’s why this easy practice is perfect for bringing mindfulness into your day. Halliwell writes:

“The breath teaches us steadfastness. Much of the time the mind is wandering, either drawn to focus, ruminate, or push away unpleasant experiences, or chasing after stuff we like. But if we don’t practice being still, we are prone to get blown about by every wind, buffeted by the ups and downs of life.”