Bringing mindfulness to the Newark community

Mindfulness Without Borders (MWB) has announced it is bringing its Mindfulness Ambassador Council program to Newark, New Jersey.

This fall The Foundations Center of South Orange and Maplewood (known as The Center) will offer MWB's 12-week mindfulness leadership program for youth and their educators.

In this interview with Stephanie Jelley, co-founder of the The Center, Jelley says the program is "about making better choices, not just meditation. It's about learning how to be in any situation and make the right choice."

Newark is still one of America's most troubled communities. According to Newark police crime statistics, the community is affected by cycles of violence, addiction and poverty, though it has made improvements since 1996–the year Time Magazine declared Newark the most dangerous city in America.

Mindfulness Without Borders is an non-profit organization that goes into troubled communities and teaches vital skills for stress and emotion management that will help community members build positive, healthy relationships with one another. Read more about their work here.