Free Audio Resources for Mindfulness Meditation

Free guided meditation to help take you further into your mindfulness meditation practice.

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Interested in mindfulness, but not sure where to start? There are many meditation apps, audiobooks, and programs available to you — before you get lost in the pile of choices, explore these three basic mindfulness meditations.

Mindfulness Meditation

To start, explore these awareness of breath meditation practices:

5-Minute Breathing Meditation

  • 5:00

A basic meditation that focuses on following the breath to cultivate mindful awareness, by Diana Winston.

11-Minute Awareness of Breath Practice

  • 11:46

An awareness of breath practice, from Susan Kaiser Greenland, that centers on one of the basics of mindfulness: how to sit and know you’re sitting.

20-Minute Breathscape Practice

  • 20:00

A breathing practice from Jon Kabat-Zinn to tap into your capacity to be in touch with your experience, and to be awake and aware with no agenda other than to be awake and aware.

Once you’re familiar with how to work with your breath as an anchor for your attention, try branching out into practices for the body, loving-kindness, working with sounds, and longer meditation practices aimed at working with difficult emotions like anxiety.

Below is a list of other online resources offering guided meditations. 

more mindful audio

  • Free guided meditations from UCLA
    Each week has a different theme, and usually includes some introductory comments, a guided meditation, some silent practice time, and closing comments. Presented by the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center.
  • UCSD Center for Mindfulness
    Guided audio files for practicing Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) from the UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness.
  • Basic meditation with Tara Brach
    Free meditations that you can stream or download.
  • Contemplative Mind in Society
    Guided practices from Mirabai Bush, the center’s director, Diana Winston from UCLA’s Mindfulness Awareness Research Center, and Arthur Zajonc, president of the Mind & Life Institute.
  • Insight Meditation Society 
    Selected talks, podcasts, and audio streams, including various lengths of guided meditation.

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Guided Meditation

A Guided Meditation for Turning Awareness into Action 

Michelle Maldonado, coauthor of A Bridge To Better: An Open Letter To Humanity and Resource Guide, shares a guided meditation for strengthening our ability to be self-aware, self-actualized, and self-determined as we co-create our emerging new reality and world together. Read More 

  • Michelle Maldonado
  • June 17, 2020
Guided Meditation

A 10-Minute Practice to Fully Experience the Present 

When the world feels out of control, it helps to take time to stop and do nothing at all. Jay Vidyarthi guides us to temporarily let go of racing thoughts and rest our awareness in the experience of this moment. Read More 

  • Jay Vidyarthi
  • June 15, 2020