A report from the 10th Annual Center for Mindfulness Scientific Conference

Photo: James Gimian (left) and Peter Barbosa (right). Barbosa is a mindfulness researcher now living in NYC who was presenting his work in the poster session at the 10th annual Center for Mindfulness Scientific conference, March 29-31, 2012.

On Friday I attended the 10th Annual Center for Mindfulness Scientific Conference, with more than 400 MBSR and mindfulness teachers learning about the latest research confirming the beneficial impact of mindfulness practice. It continues to amaze me to see how the benefits of mindfulness continue to reach deep into every sector of our society.

There were far more presentations than I could possibly report on here. I wish I could have heard them all. One notable presentation was by the keynote speaker, Zindel Segal, one of the founders of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy from the University of Toronto. He told wonderful stories about his path from 1993 to the present, with some particularly funny vignettes from the early years when people weren’t so sure about the work.

I have the good fortune to attend lots of very rich meetings and conferences in my work on behalf of our Mindful.org campaign, and this is one of the best. At every event, I wonder “This is great, but what about all the people who can’t be present for these invigorating conversations?”

Well, I’m glad to say that our friend Richard Price of Conference Recording Services was there to make excellent video and audio recordings in order to bring these stimulating conversations home to you. Richard is a longtime mindfulness practitioner himself, and if you go to his website, ConferenceRecording.com, you can purchase recordings not only for this conference but for many other interesting and helpful events as well. (Click here to go directly to the page dedicated to the Center for Mindfulness 10th Annual International Scientific Conference for Clinicians, Researchers and Educators.)