3 Ways to Feel More Empowered at Work

Change how you think about work, and your experience will follow.

Illustration by André da Loba

People tend to operate from a mindset of either empowerment or disempowerment at work. Choosing the former can make a big difference in how you feel about your job.

Feeling empowered at work is energizing. You approach your job with enthusiasm, as if you have everything to offer, and everything to gain. You sense that your contributions are valued and are eager to share ideas. An empowered organization is the result of a clear mission, good management, and realistic expectations about resources and workload.

If you feel disempowered at work, you’re likely stressed out, feel like there’s never enough time and maybe that your contributions don’t matter. The workday can feel like a house of cards—if one card falls, it will all crumble. Organizationally, people are defensive and anxious, and both resources and support appear scarce.

The workday can feel like a house of cards—if one card falls, it will all crumble.

Like being an optimist or pessimist, some people just naturally approach life from a more empowered or disempowered stance. And the reality is, our professional worlds are dynamic and we all move through periods when we feel both ways. But choosing empowerment begins with facing your internal dialogue.

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