A One-Minute Grounding Meditation in Nature

Feeling frazzled? Nature can support us in settling down. Try this short grounding meditation practice with Cara Bradley (tree stump optional).

schulzfoto/Adobe Stock

We’re in Valley Forge National Park, sitting under this amazing tree that’s still alive but lying on the ground, with these deep exposed roots. It’s a great place to practice meditation and a one-minute grounding meditation.

The tree we are sitting under is that small yellow spot in the middle of the above panoramic image of Valley Forge National Park.

There are days when we feel flustered and unrooted, moments when we feel like we’re just living in our head. Those are the times when it’s most important to pause, even for a minute, and practice some deep breathing with your feet on the ground.

Follow This One-Minute Grounding Meditation

  1. Take a seat with your feet on the ground
  2. Take a deep breath in. Feel your body as you inhale.
  3. Take a long breath out. Notice your body as you exhale.
  4. Follow your breath in and out.
  5. Rest your mind on your belly or your chest or at your nostrils. 
  6. Just be aware as you breathe in and aware as you breathe out.