How to Work Remotely Without Losing Motivation

Explore seven ways to settle in to a work-from-home routine when you're missing the office. Stock

Telecommuters might feel guilty or ungrateful admitting it, but let’s be honest: We often miss the office. Even the too-talkative, too-messy, or too-cutthroat colleagues you willed yourself to ignore when they sat near you can seem endearing when you’re toiling away to the ticktock of your kitchen clock.

I’ve been telecommuting for almost 15 years. Sometimes it’s been across oceans and time zones (we are a military family), and sometimes it’s been across town (the office was short on space; I was a slave to my children’s schedules; the whole operation was virtual). At this point in my career as a freelance writer-editor and consultant, I’ve worked for multinational corporations, international development banks, associations, and non-profits. I’ve identified one constant across this long-distance livelihood: No matter how satisfying the to-do list—or how much of an introvert you think you are—telecommuting leaves you craving company.

Here’s my advice. I don’t always follow it, but I’m happier when I do.

7 Tips for Staying Productive While You’re Working From Home

1. Use the time you save on commuting to read a good book. Most people read on the subway—I did, when I desked it in a downtown Washington, DC office for 10 years. Now that I’m…