3 Mindfulness Tips for On-The-Job Drudgery

When work is meh, try these simple mindful strategies to show up at work with confidence, openness, and skill.

Illustration by Jason Lee

Each morning billions of us wake up and head off to work. Cars start, subway cars fill, computers spin, and each of us face another day making a living. Week after week. Year after year. In the midst of this seemingly endless ritual, you might find yourself wondering, “Why am I doing this?”

Of course, there are the obvious answers: I need to pay the bills; I gotta put food on the table. And some of us can readily identify that we also work to make a difference in the world, feel challenged, or be creative. However we chose to answer the question, the “why” of going to work is central to making a living.

But what happens when you’re just not into it anymore? When your passion for the work has cooled. When your job, instead of feeling like a meaningful exercise, becomes a daily slog?

It’s less about why we go to work and more about how we show up.

A 2015 Gallup poll found that 67% of Americans come to work disengaged. And research shows that when we’re checked out at work, we’re more stressed, less productive, and less willing to offer an innovative…