When Should I Meditate? And How Should I Begin?

One of the great things about mindfulness is that it meets you where you are, explains Jason Gant in this simple practice.

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Q: I’m an absolute beginner. Is there an optimal state of mind to be in to meditate? What about time of day?

A: Welcome! The best time to meditate is when you can allow yourself to safely and fully engage in the moment. There is no special place or state of mind to be in, nor an exact way to practice. Mindfulness meditation meets you where you are. The mere thought of taking a minute to slow down is your cue to start.

You can try allowing your daily routines to become your meditation practice.

A 3-Step Mindfulness Practice to Carry You Through Your Day

1. When you get out of bed, notice your surroundings, feel your feet on the floor or your hands on your thighs, and be present with yourself. Feel the sun, notice the experience of water on the skin as you shower and brush your teeth. Notice how many colors are in the first meal you eat. Pausing for a moment to yourself is self-care, and is not selfish.

2. Continue this practice through the day. At any moment throughout the day you can look down, notice your feet on the floor (or wherever else you may notice you’re grounded to the earth), and invite a pleasant color or object in your immediate environment into the experience. Here you are! Present.

3. Notice your state of mind after meditation and allow that moment to lead your next step.


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