Killing with Kindness? 

Yesterday The New York Times published a science piece about “pathological altruism.” This is when normally helpful behavior “is taken to extremes, misapplied or stridently rhapsodized.” Then it can become “unhelpful, unproductive and even destructive.” Dr. Robert A. Burton, author of the forthcoming book Pathological Altruism,┬ásays selflessness gone awry may… Read More 

  • Line Goguen-Hughes
  • October 4, 2011

Humankind-ness: Dacher Keltner 

Humans are wired to be good, according to Professor Dacher Keltner. One only has to look at emotions such as compassion, awe, and embarrassment to see it.  Read More 

  • Line Goguen-Hughes
  • January 31, 2011
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