Loving-Kindness Meditation for Your Loved Ones

This loving-kindness practice explores how to tap into the love you already have and send it out to those you care about.

So, during week one, my brother from another mother Andy Gonzalez taught you all a loving-kindness practice for the self. Today we’re going to do a loving-kindness practice for our loved ones.

Loving-Kindness Meditation for Your Loved Ones

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Listen to the practice:

Loving-Kindness Meditation for Your Loved Ones

  • 6:24

Read the practice:

1. Let’s move to the edge of our seats where we can be upright, making sure our back, neck and head are aligned. Feet grounded, I now invite you to close your eyes. Leaving them open is OK, too.

2.Let’s take a couple deep breaths together to start off. All of the breathing we’ll be doing is in and out through the nose. So, everyone, inhale long, slow and deep through your nose, filling your stomach up like it’s a balloon. And exhale … push all that air out, push it out. Inhale deep again, with a long, slow, deep breath, filling your stomach up with air. And exhale, push all that air all the way out.

3. Now just touch in with whatever is a nice, natural breathing pace for yourself. This doesn’t require any effort—just nice and easy. Simply make sure you’re breathing in and out through your nose.

4. Let’s imagine now, all the people we love, whether it’s our family or friends