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What to Eat in the Morning?

Food writer John Thorne, author of Pot on the Fire, muses over breakfast—its purpose, its constitution and what it means for your day.


Small Eats

In line with his own ritual of uncovering culinary delights, chef and author John Thorne revels in the flavour, history, and community of Chinese Dumplings.


A Considerable Dish

Rich in flavor and heritage and easy on your pocketbook, John Thorne, author of Pot on the Fire: Further Exploits of a Renegade Cook, explains why the falafel has persevered. 


Making the Right Choice

Daniel Goleman, author of the best seller Emotional Intelligence, says the key to becoming a socially engaged consumer is being mindful at the moment when you're deciding whether to buy something. Knowing the full range of a product’s impacts is one of the best things you can do for yourselves and the Earth.


Mindful Childbirth

Pregnancy, birth and early parenting are the most transformational time in the adult life cycle. Barry Boyce reports on a mindfulness center that teaches skills that interrupts patterns of dysfunction. 


Robert Coles and the Moral Life

So much talk of morality today is marked by aggression and self-righteousness, but Robert Coles speaks in a gentler and deeper moral voice. David Swick profiles this child psychiatrist, civil rights activist, and author who has spent his life considering the nature of morality and its central place in our lives.

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