Author: Steve Hickman

Steve Hickman

Steve Hickman is founder and director of the University of California at San Diego Center for Mindfulness. He is a Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor in the Psychiatry and Family & Preventive Medicine Departments.


Will My Well-Being Increase If I Meditate?

Mindfulness research points to probabilities, not concrete results tailored to each individual. But science can help us be better explorers—and meditation is fundamentally a practice of investigation.

woman on beach on transparent photo of another person

The Upside of Sadness

It’s never fun, but over the course of a lifetime, sadness visits us all. What if instead of resisting, you could welcome it in and listen to what it has to say?

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You Can Innovate While You Meditate

Thoughts are not your enemy while you meditate. Some of our best ideas can make themselves known when you take time to pause and notice them—the trick is not to court them.

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Take Your Mind for a Walk

Meditation can seem so meaningful and significant that it becomes a great big chore. In fact, with a slight shift in attitude, it can be as simple as walking the dog.