A Place of One’s Own

A firm intention and a personal touch make for a meditation spot you’ll want to visit often.

Photographs by Perry Jackson • Styling by Deb Nelson

Imagine lying in bed, thinking about your day: back-to-back meetings this morning, helping to take your partner’s car for repair, a proposal to finish, and plans for dinner that you’re wondering if you should just cancel. You had hoped to fit in some exercise, but that’s probably not going to happen. You can feel your mind start to whirl.

Then imagine getting up and going to your meditation cushion. You drape a wrap across your shoulders, set your timer, and…sit. You could do this practice right in bed, at your kitchen counter, anywhere really. But there’s something very purposeful and grounding about having a special place to meditate, a designated spot where you can take time to get your body and mind in sync. It might be a whole room dedicated to meditation and other mindful pursuits. It could be a corner in a multipurpose room. Even just a few elements that inspire you can help make any space right for your practice.

Our own internal poll reveals a few common themes when it comes to the ideal meditation space:

• There’s a comfortable yet supportive place to sit. • It’s neither too hot nor too cold. • There’s a…

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