Meditation Instruction
Mindfulness Centers

Meditation Instruction


Free guided meditations from UCLA
Each week has a different theme, and usually includes some introductory comments, a guided meditation, some silent practice time, and closing comments. Presented by the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center.

UCSD Center for Mindfulness
Guided audio files for practicing Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) from the UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness. 

Basic mediation with Tara Brach
Free meditations that you can stream or download.

Contemplative Mind in Society
Guided practices from from Mirabai Bush, the center's director, Diana Winston from UCLA's Mindfulness Awareness Research Center, and Arthur Zajonc, president of the Mind & Life Institute.

Insight Meditation Society 
Selected talks, podcasts, and audio streams, including various lengths of guided meditation. 

Dharmacrafts Learning Resources


Guided Breathscape
Mindfulness pioneer Jon Kabat-Zinn, the founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), takes us through a 20-minute meditation focusing on the breath. 

The Body Scan Practice
Elisha Goldstein, Mindful's Mental Health blogger, takes us through a 10-minute body scan practice you can try lying down or sitting in a chair. 

Online Courses

Center for Mindful Inquiry online courses

Duke Integrative Medicine's homestudy courses


Mindful Living's online classes

Mindsight Institute's online courses

Mindfulness Without Borders online courses

UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior online classes

Mindfulness Centers 


Center for Mindfulness, Fresno, CA

InsightLA Los Angeles, CA

Mind & Life Institute Boulder, CO

Mindful Living Programs Chico, CA

Mindfulness Awareness Research Center (MARC) at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Spirit Rock Woodacre, CA

Susan Kaiser Greenland, InnerKids Program Los Angeles, CA

UCSD Center for Mindfulness La Jolla, CA


Center for Contemplative Mind in Society Northampton, MA

Center for Mind-Body Medicine Washington, DC

Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare, and Society Worcester, MA

Garrison Institute Garrison, NY

Mindfulness Meditation New York Collaborative New York, NY

Penn Program for Mindfulness Philadelphia, PA

Valley Mindfulness Leeds, MA


Center for Investigating Healthy Minds Madison, WI

University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality and Healing Minneapolis, MN


Center for Consciousness and Transformation, Fairfax, VA

Duke Integrative Medicine Durham, NC

Mindfulness-Based Campus-Community Health Program Little Rock, AR


How to Mindfully Parent an Autistic Child

The Mindful Parent

Susan Kaiser Greenland, the Mindful Child, InnerKids Program

Raising Happiness: Christine Carter, director of the Parents Program at Greater Good Science Center



Association of Mindfulness in Education

Authentic Leadership in Action

Center for Contemplative Mind in Society

Garrison Institute for Mindfulness teaching in K-12 environments

Inner Explorer Mindfulness Programs 

Mindful Schools

Mindfulness Without Borders 

Second Nature, higher education for sustainability


University of California, Los Angeles
Offers a large collection of downloadable, guided meditations through the Mindful Awareness Research Centre, as well as online meditation courses.

Carnegie Mellon
The university's Mindfulness Room is open to the academic community 24/7. It includes a waterfall wall, meditation, and yoga accessories. Visitors are encouraged to leave homework and digital devices outside the room.

University of Michigan
Students can take part in 30-minute meditation sessions twice a week through a program called Mindfulness@Umich. Drop-in sessions for staff and faculty are also available. 

University of Minnesota
The Mindfulness for Students Club has been offering group sitting meditation, yoga, and qigong since 2005. Each week, a guest speaker leads a 90-minute meditation followed by time to socialize, and as often as twice a year a mindfulness teacher is brought in to lead a half-day mini retreat. All the programs hosted by Mindfulness for Students are free and, during finals, the meditation room is available to harried studiers who need a quiet moment for themselves.

University of Missouri
The Mindfulness Practice Center at U of M offers meditation and yoga sessions to students. The university’s student health center also has a wide variety of mindfulness-based courses, and the Mindfulness Meditation Group meets once a week. Many of U of M’s available programs are free of charge, and some of the courses count toward students’ credit hours.

University of Oregon
Hosts a six-week Relax and Renew Meditation series for students, as well as Stress Management and Meditation.

University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh’s Stress Free Zone (SFZ) is a room dedicated to calm. It offers scheduled classes for guided relaxation, yoga, and meditation, and peer educators can be scheduled to visit student organizations and residences to teach mindful practices.

Princeton University
Recommends mindfulness to undergrads for “personal stress management.” The Mindfulness for Health and Healing course is free for students dealing with chronic pain, and graduate students can take MBSR certifications.

University of Syracuse
Syracuse’s eight-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course strives to improve both the scholarly and personal wellbeing of the student community. The free, non-credit course is led by a certified MBSR instructor, consisting of weekly sessions and at-home meditation assignments. Students learn body scan techniques, as well as yoga and walking meditations.

University of Southern California
Students can take part in mindfulness courses, practice groups, research opportunities, faculty workshops, media resources, public programs and special events through Mindful USC.

University of Toronto
U of T has instigated Mindful Mondays: one-hour meetings on mindfulness techniques for stress reduction. They also offer Mindful Eating courses a number of times per year. U of T also offers a Certificate in Applied Mindfulness Meditation. See registration for details. 

University of Utah
Offers a variety of mindfulness workshops and therapy courses, such as Peace of Mind and Mindful Approach to Work/Life Balance.

The Mindfulness Project at New York University
This group leads students in mindful meditations and yoga. The program also brings in guest speakers to discuss topics like food and dance, and arrange mindfulness-themed hikes and movie nights.

Mindfulness Research

Center for Investigating Healthy Minds
Based at the Waisman Center at the Unviersity of Madison-Wisconsin, CIHM's research looks at the effects of meditation and compassion training, child education and development, and mental and phsyical health and illness. 

Greater Good: The Science of a Meaningful Life
A quarterly online magazine reporting on the psychology, sociology, and neuroscience of well-being

Mindfulness Research Monthly
A database and monthly publication updates on the latest mindfulness research. 

Mindfulness and Business

Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute
Courses, workshops, and retreats based on Google's Search Inside Yourself curriculum.

Institute for Mindful Leadership
Founded by Janice Marturano, author of Finding the Space to Lead, the insitute hosts retreats and workshops, and you can find articles and free mindfulness instruction on their website. 

Mindfulness Without Borders
Professional development programs for education, corporate, and healthcare that teach individuals self-awareness and improve their ability to focus and "develop an internal compass to enhance the quality of the lives they live both in and out of the workplace."

Mindfulness and Law

The Anxious Lawyer
A business blog that offers workshops and online advice to help lawyers go from anxious to mindful.

Berkeley Initiative for Mindfulness and Law
The first U.S. law school with a full mindfulness curriculum, Berkeley updates its page regularly with conferences and news, and hosts a resource page for bringing mindfulness to students, teachers, and law professionals.

Mindful Lawyer Conference
Video and information related to the Mindful Lawyer Conference in 2010, including ways to join the community and a robust resources page

The Mindful Lawyer
Website of Scott Rogers, founder and director of the University of Miami’s Mindfulness in Law Program. Watch his talks, learn about upcoming conferences on mindfulness and law, plus scan the resources section for relevant articles and books.

Mindfulness for Veterans

This yoga-based program was developed by the Department of Defense in 2006 and is available to active duty, veterans, and families of service members in over 30 Veterans Affairs and military settings across the United States. 

Mindful Nation 
This national organization, inspired by Congressman Tim Ryan, author of A Mindful Nation, focuses on serving veterans, children, teachers, leaders, and healthcare professionals. Their Vets Corps initiative, a peer-to-peer network, creates support cohort groups with veterans and connects them to recognized resources and programs. Facilitators help groups of six to 10 veterans sustain their practice. After additional training in various reflective mindful practices and 12 weeks of supervision, the veterans are able to lead their own groups and help their peers with similar challenges.

Mindfulness-Based Mind Fitness Training (MMFT)
Founded by a former army captain, Elizabeth Stanley, MMFT combines mindfulness training with stress resilience training to optimize individual and team performance. MMFT is usually taught in an organizational setting, but there's also a two-day workshop offered and an intensive seven-week workshop. 

Project Welcome Home Troops
Founded in 2006, Project Welcome Home Troops hosts stress relief workshops across the country. The workshop offers practical breathing-based tools to reduce stress, anxiety, and sleep problems that veterans may encounter.