Congressman Tim Ryan, author of A Mindful Nation, will hold a mindful meditation session today for members and staff despite government shutdown.

A recent New York Times article looks at two studies capturing how mindfulness training is improving the health of doctors and their patients. 

The National Institutes of Health grant will extend neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson's meditation research for the next five years. Read on to learn more about the three new research projects that will be funded by the grant. 

A Wharton Business professor devoted to studying this question provides five insights into what we should ask ourselves when it comes to choosing work that matters to us. 

A recent Financial Times article outlines how executives are starting to practice mindfulness, some even bringing meditation into their companies. 

October 14 & 15: the conference will bring together scholars and practitioners whose work is designed to enhance the well-being of children and families through mindfulness and meditation.

A new study draws a correlation between how much young adults use Facebook and their happiness levels. 

The Being Human conference explores human nature in light of science, philosophy, and evolution. 

"I Forgot My Phone" tackles the personal effects of smartphone overuse. 

A documentary about a middle school mindfulness program in San Francisco will air on PBS affiliates over the next few weeks.