October 14 & 15: the conference will bring together scholars and practitioners whose work is designed to enhance the well-being of children and families through mindfulness and meditation.

A new study draws a correlation between how much young adults use Facebook and their happiness levels. 

The Being Human conference explores human nature in light of science, philosophy, and evolution. 

"I Forgot My Phone" tackles the personal effects of smartphone overuse. 

A documentary about a middle school mindfulness program in San Francisco will air on PBS affiliates over the next few weeks. 

Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare is being screened on September 17 at the Parnassus campus. 

A new study from the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds (CIHM) at UW-Madison's Waisman Center suggests mindfulness can help teachers reduce their stress levels. 

This new blog, written by Janice Marturano, contains posts and discussions on cultivating mindfulness in leadership. 

Research Director at Harvard Business School suggests managers should give employees 30 to 60 minutes of quiet reflection each day to boost creativity. 

This fall, Spirit Rock Meditation Center is offering another mindfulness retreat for those in the legal field.