Cooper explores how meditation can change the brain and how mindfulness can impact our well-being. 

Mindfulness can help inmates become better citizens, says Chris Ruane.

In this live online workshop, learn mindful leadership from Janice Marturano, the award winning author of Finding the Space to Lead: A practical guide to mindful leadership.

Linda Lantieri is on a mission to cultivate the inner lives of students, teachers, and schools. Help secure the Inner Resilience Program's place in the educational arena for a few more years. 

In the wake of shootings and protests in Ferguson, MO, mindful living and design company Holstee wants you to devote your next potluck to hosting honest conversations about race and violence. 

UC Berkeley-based institute equips educators with social-emotional learning tools that benefit both students and teachers.

The documentary film Good Virus debunks the "nice guys finish last" notion and suggests kindness is our default. Catch the screening at Stanford's Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE). 

Carnegie Mellon University's new Mindfulness Room is part of a growing trend on college campuses: designing mindful spaces for students.

This Sunday, Daniel Goleman will be at JCC Manhattan to discuss his new book, Triple Focus, how to help kids pay attention, and new approaches to education. 

In his new book, The Art of Stillness, veteran travel writer Pico Iyer suggests that the greatest adventure may be found in going nowhere.