Today, September 12, is the second annual mindfulness day. How will you celebrate? Here are some tips and ways to participate online. 

A multimedia mindfulness program. A website that equips school counselors to teach resiliency skills to teens. A service that builds websites for people who are sick or dying to reflect on their lives. This week, the 1440 Foundation chose the finalists for its annual challenge. 

A new study that combines past research shows how meditation, cognitive behavior therapy, and relaxation techniques have real benefits for severe skin conditions. 

A new study shows how individuals suffering from chronic stress take longer to recover after a grueling workout, and how mindfulness can help. 

MindfulVOTES on how you can incorporate mindfulness into the election tonight. 

The six finalists in the 1440 Challenge have been announced. Have a look at each project. Any favorites?

A new study shows how MBCT reduces residual symptoms of depression. 

The documentary screening is this Wednesday at the former Barnes and Noble space in East Lansing, followed by discussion and potluck. 

Proposed revisions to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) present large-scale changes to depression diagnoses and children's mental health. 

New research from Yale University looks at the genetic mechanisms behind how stress changes the brain.