Author: Cheryl Fraser

Cheryl Fraser

Clinical psychologist and sex therapist Cheryl Fraser, Ph.D is a writer, speaker and meditation teacher. She is the relationship columnist for Mindful. Cheryl works with couples in her private practice, and she brings her work to larger audiences through the Become Passion CD home workshop and the Awakened Lover weekend. Her Mindful Loving practices help people rewrite their love stories, mindfully.

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Our brains can’t help but compare the imperfect human snoring beside us to the ideal hunk in our heads. But around the corner there isn’t someone better—only someone different.

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Pay attention to little rituals you and your partner do together—those tidbits of shared meaning could be the key to keeping the relationship, and romance, alive.


Next time you fight with your partner—or anyone for that matter—pay attention to the stories you’re telling yourself.