Author: Theo Koffler

Theo Koffler

Theo Koffler is founder of Mindfulness Without Borders, a registered charitable organization that focuses on long term, strategic initiatives that advance mindfulness-based social and emotional learning in educational, healthcare and corporate settings. Philanthropist, author, public speaker and mindfulness practitioner, Theo has served on several boards and advisory committees including the A Mindful Society, Hawn Foundation, Students For Canada’s North, Inner Kids, and the Garrison Institute—where she co-authored the first-ever mapping report on Contemplation and Education in K-12 Educational Settings in the United States.

two teenage girls hanging out on dock

The teen years are tumultuous, but as adolescents test boundaries and become a bit defiant, it also lays the groundwork for a sense of purpose and individuality. Here’s how parents can help teens thrive.

illustration kids drawing the world

Often, we feel the urge to shield our kids from the harsh realities around us. But sometimes the best gift we can give them isn’t “safety,” but a set of tools to deal with difficult feelings and the true nature of the world.