Web seminar with Dr. Daniel Goleman

This Wednesday, Emotional Intelligence author Daniel Goleman will discuss mindfulness techniques for the workplace. 

Emotional Intelligence author Daniel Goleman joins Mirabai Bush for a free web seminar titled, "Working with Mindfulness: Research and Practice of Mindful Techniques in Organizations."

The one-hour webcast on Wednesday, January 16 at 4pm EST will include a discussion about natural stress-reduction techniques for the workplace.

The discussion will be followed by a Q&A, and questions will be fielded from Twitter and the #workingwithmindfulness feed. 

For more information, and to register, visit the Working With Mindfulness web seminar page. 

Watch last month’s recorded web seminar with Dr. Richard Davidson and Mirabai Bush on More Than Sound’s YouTube channel.


12/17/12 updated 12/18/12 and 12/28/12