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Is Boredom All Bad?

When your mind spins and your body itches to do something, anything, what’s really going on? Meditation is a great way to find out.

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Body & Mind

5 Ways to Shift Out of Autopilot

On the daily grind, life can get bland—downright boring, when you think about it. So for a moment, stop thinking, and drop into your senses instead. Take three minutes with this mindfulness practice.

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How to Be Mindful 24/7

We don’t meditate to become better meditators. We meditate so we can bring mindfulness out into the real world, and thrive in our interactions with others.

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Beware Your Biased Brain

Our brain can move very fast, and that can be a real problem. The tendency to make split-second assessments of people can lead to disastrous outcomes.

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Your Wild, Wonderful Brain

Although there’s lots of scientific information floating around about our brains, Barry Boyce explains, there’s still so much we don’t really understand.