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To Pause and Protect

In a groundbreaking program, Oregon police officers are learning mindfulness techniques to deal with stress, be more focused on the job, and connect more meaningfully with the people they serve.

illustration of man walking down a path with umbrella in the rain

A Journey to the Center of Yourself

Depression is not an end point. It’s the beginning of a process. If we heed the call for growth and change, a more enriching life awaits. James Gordon, M.D., author of “Unstuck,” talks to Tracy Picha.


Tea Party

Looking for a respite from distraction? It’s as close as a cup of tea.


Glimpse: Stop, Look…See

Photography isn't just about capturing images. Have a peek inside our contemplative photography feature from the October issue of Mindful magazine. 


Wave Theory

Sam Buffa knows the best spot to gain perspective on life in the city: on his surfboard.