Tagged: Mindful Magazine – Feb’14

illustration of person walking through colorful landscape

Being in the here and now is what mindfulness is all about. Yes and no, says Barry Boyce. It’s also about being aware of what’s inside and outside, past, present, and future. Once we steady our mind with mindfulness, our awareness shines a light on not just the present moment, but where we’ve come from and where we’re going.

Jon Kabat-Zinn

When he started MBSR, Jon Kabat-Zinn didn’t have a detailed plan—just passion and an inkling that lots of good would come of it.

student watches while hospice resident rests

High school seniors at The Harley School in Rochester, New York, have the option of taking a class called “hospice.” Most who sign up for it don’t know what they’re in for, but none of them forget the experience when it’s over.

Illustrations by Andrew Bannecker

Janice Marturano, former vice president at General Mills, shows us how it’s possible to cultivate continual attention to detail, the needs of others, and the big picture. 


It’s a dance that captures the seductive imagination, but as Tracy Picha discovers, there’s much more than meets the eye.


The capacity to generate original ideas is, arguably, the most important cognitive trait that human beings possess. No wonder more neuroscientists and psychologists are working to understand it better.