Tagged: Mindful Magazine – Aug’13

Suburbs with musical notes illustrated overtop

Tune In, Turn On

Can a profoundly deaf musician teach us to listen better? Katherine Ellison talks to percussionist Evelyn Glennie, who wants us to wake up to the soundscape that is always around us.

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Body & Mind

The Beautiful and the Good

What are our brains doing when we assume that someone who’s beautiful on the outside must be beautiful on the inside? Sharon Begley investigates.

woman holding baby

Parenting with Presence

Reporter Susan Freinkel follows two expectant couples from their first class in mindfulness-based childbirth to the blessed (not to mention painful) event. They learn things on their journey to parenthood that can help us all navigate life’s transitions.

Body & Mind

Craving to Quit

Mindful speaks to Craving to Quit founder Judson Brewer about the research behind the smoking-cessation program and accompanying app. 

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