Tagged: Mindful Magazine – Apr’16

person writing in notebook

The Simple Joy of Writing by Hand

Coloring for relaxation is all the rage now. Handwriting can provide the same reward, and stimulate the brain in ways that typing simply does not. It can also be a meditative practice.

illustration of person on tighrope escaping monster

Face Fear and Keep Going

Fear, while critically necessary for life itself, can be horrifying and crippling. It can also eat away at us day in and day out. And yet, welcoming our fear turns out to be the best way to conquer it. Over and over again.

woman waking up in the morning seated on bed

Start with a Purpose

Your day-to-day activities offer ample opportunities to call up mindfulness in any moment. Breathe space into your morning routine with this simple wake-up practice.

watercolor origami boat on a stream

What Keeps You Coming Back

Meditating isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, nor should it be. The great thing about mindfulness, says Barry Boyce, is how it deals with difficult emotions.